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Are you looking to delegate your Cardano (ADA) to a stake pool that is committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the world?

Look no further than RCADA pool!

Join our mission to promote eco-friendly practices while actively contributing to the Cardano ecosystem.

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Welcome to RCADA Stake Pool, a proud member of the xSPO, CSPA, and CNC Alliances.

We are committed to making a positive environmental impact by donating a minimum of 20% of our operator's margin to the CNC Ala reforestation project in Madagascar. RCADA operates a single pool on the Cardano network, utilizing bare metal servers powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

By choosing to delegate to our pool, you are supporting small, single-pool operators, and playing an essential role in enhancing the decentralization of Cardano's blockchain.

Join us in our mission to secure the network while promoting sustainability and equitable growth in the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano 101

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a groundbreaking, third-generation layer 1 blockchain designed to be highly secure, scalable, and sustainable. It was created to address the limitations of earlier blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which struggle with high transaction fees, slow processing times, and limited scalability.
Peer-reviewed and evidence-based: Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Cardano's development is rooted in academic research and peer-reviewed papers. This ensures that the technology is both scientifically sound and rigorously tested.
Highly secure: Cardano uses a unique proof-of-stake consensus mechanism called Ouroboros, which is more energy-efficient and secure than the proof-of-work systems used by Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Scalable: Cardano's layered architecture allows it to process transactions more efficiently, enabling it to handle more transactions per second (TPS) as the network grows.
Sustainable: Cardano's proof-of-stake mechanism is more environmentally friendly than proof-of-work, as it requires significantly less energy. Additionally, Cardano has a built-in treasury system, which sets aside a portion of transaction fees to fund future development and improvements.
Smart contracts and decentralized applications: Cardano supports the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) that can run on its blockchain, fostering a robust ecosystem of services and solutions.
Governance: Cardano is currently in development of the Voltaire era which aims to implement a robust governance model that allows the community to participate in the decision-making process through a voting mechanism, and treasury system, ensuring the platform's long-term viability and adaptability.

Staking with RCADA Pool

Liquid Staking

Liquid Staking


​Keep your ADA in a Private Wallet such as Typhon, Lace, Yoroi, Gero or Flint and stay in control of your funds. In order to stake your ADA you only need to register your wallet address with RCADA Stake Pool to start earning - there is no need for your funds to ever leave your wallet. There is no lockup period so you can spend your ADA at any time. Your keys, your ADA.

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Passive Income

Passive Income

Earn Extra Rewards

​Compound your earnings over time with each Epoch (every 5 days) whilst helping to secure the network and get the best possible returns for your ADA with RCADA Stake Pool's low 1% pool fee. Earn up to 5% APY - Don't leave it to centralized exchanges to control your stake and accumulate the rewards,

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Single SPO

Single SPO

Promoting Decentralization

​As a member of the Cardano Single & extra Small Pool Alliances RCADA is committed to only ever operating one pool on the Cardano network. Our pool is running on 100% renewable energy. Help improve Decentralization on the Cardano network by delegating to us. We operate & maintain our nodes on Bare Metal servers and don't rely on Cloud based centralized infrastructure.

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Mission Driven

Empowering a Sustainable Future:

Uniting Cardano's Blockchain Technology with Permaculture and Education

Our focus is centered around implementing and promoting the Cardano blockchain's potential to drive sustainability, innovation and education in real-world settings while extending our support to charitable projects and on-boarding new users to the Cardano ecosystem.

We aspire to be at the forefront of leveraging the Cardano blockchain's potential to address pressing environmental and societal challenges, while cultivating a future that values innovation, inclusivity and holistic well-being.

Powering Positive Impact

be the change you want to see in the world

Donations to Date


Our Mission

Our mission at RCADA is to champion the innovative capabilities of the Cardano blockchain to drive positive change and cultivate a sustainable, interconnected world. By integrating our initiatives, such as the Cardano Educational Hub and permaculture farm, with the decentralized nature of the Cardano ecosystem, we aim to demonstrate the practical applications of blockchain technology in addressing real-world challenges.




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We're thrilled to announce that RCADA is now an officially approved pool for the Coinecta FISO. This means when you stake your ADA with RCADA, you're not just supporting our sustainable mission but also earning $CNCT tokens! Duration: 15 Epochs (75 days) 449 to 463 (ending January 30th). All FISO rewards can be claimed three weeks after the official DEX LP launch on the Coinecta website.

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Participate in Metera's ISPO with RCADA: Align your staking with purpose in Metera Protocol's ISPO, where RCADA proudly serves as an official partner pool. By delegating to RCADA, you can earn extra $METERA tokens while championing sustainable DeFi projects. The ISPO, covering 42 epochs, begins at epoch 451 and ends at epoch 493. Ensure your participation in the first rewards snapshot by staking before December 1st, 21:45 UTC.

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Tx Speed Multiplier

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RCADA is a DexHunter Partner pool! The amount of HUNT tokens you hold, or if you choose to delegate to a partner SPO, determines the number of nodes the DexHunter transaction-submit-API utilizes for your transactions.

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RCADA is a participating CNC Ala ISPO member pool. By staking with CNC pools you are contributing to the CNC Ala reforestation project in Madagascar. Your delegation empowers RCADA to generate more blocks and increase the outcome of donations to the cause. The ISPO has now concluded and it's time to claim your NFT's from Cardano Proxies, Yummi Universe, Earth Natives and M₳D₳’s Lemur using CNC tokens you earned during the ISPO!

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Bonus Token Distribution

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Proxies are six fearless, alluring characters who start their journey on the Cardano blockchain. They cover 6 major areas: Crypto & NFTs, Mental Health, Blockchain Tech, Art, Sustainability, Governance & Infinite Evolution.

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NTX (NuNet)


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A Global Economy of Decentralized Computing. NuNet is building a globally decentralized computing framework that combines latent computing power of independently owned compute devices across the globe into a dynamic marketplace of compute resources, individually rewarded via tokenomic ecosystem based on NuNet Utility Token (NTX).

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Bonus Token Rewards

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The music streaming marketplace for artists and fans! NEWM is distributing additional bonus tokens to selected collaboration pools.

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